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We frequently hear from drummers from around the globe who have discovered our unique drum sticks and Crea-tions. We are honoured to contribute to your unique sound and journey of expression in all your percussive pursuits. If our products have found a place in your tool kit, then we already think of you as one of the family.
Many of these discoverers of Headhunters ask how they can become a “Headhunters Artist”. While we are always keen to work with musicians, our requirements for an endorser relationship are specific. If you feel you have the qualities we’re looking for, we invite you to submit an endorsement application, which you can find here.
We also hear from drummers who have an endorsement arrangement with another provider, but who have snuck a Headhunters product or two into their stick bag. We are honoured to contribute to their unique sound and journey of expression in all percussive pursuits.

And so we are pleased to share the following list of Friends and Fans of Headhunters Sticks & Creations. We are grateful to you all for your support and for the valuable feedback you provide.

Adam David  • Alan Cox  • Billy Shearin  • Cindy Caron  • Daniel Roman  • Dave King  • Dave O’Neill  • Frans Ten Bohomer  • Jerad Sterling  • Jimmy Boudreau  • John Cheesman  • John Walker  • John Anthony Martinez  • Kenneth Smith  • Kristina Schiano  • Mike Lambert  • Paul Dickenson  • Richard Best • Tony Nesbitt  • Trevor Maybe