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Many drummers contact us weekly and daily to say how much they love all the unique drums sticks and specialty Headhunters’ models such as Dreamcatchers, Cattails, and Crossovers. Many of these ‘new’ discoverers of Headhunters ask how they can become to be a Headhunters Artist. We like to point out that you are, simply by expressing that fact you have discovered a certain model, a unique brush or one of the many hybrid models we produce; that these have found a way into your arsenal of sounds and expressions! So this really does mean you are a part of this family.

We are very grateful for this and although we would like to include everyone in our Artists roster listing, it can become overwhelming and often not practical. Often our friends and great drummers do play other brands and sometimes have an arrangement with other branded drumsticks, but they will often sneak a pair of our unique ideas into their treasure chest of drum tools. With this in mind we have decided to make a very special page on our site to recognize the sincerity, artistry and commitment of the many drummers that reach out, we are honoured to contribute to your unique sound and journey of expression in all your percussive pursuits.

Special recognition go out to all our current Artists and new found friends and:Adam Bowman, Adam David, Alan Cox, Barry Elms, Billy Shearin, Bob DiSalle, Brian Barlow, Cindy Caron, Dan Bodanis, Daniel Roman, Dave King, Dave O’Neill, David MacDougall, Emerson Tavares, Ernesto Cervini, Frans Ten Bohomer, George Schuller, Glenn Milchem, Greg Harrison, Jerad Sterling, Jesse Stewart, Jimmy Boudreau, John Anthony Martinez, John Cheesman, John Walker, Jorge Mata, Kristina Schiano, Kenneth Smith, Kim Zick, Lowell Whitty, Mackenzie Longpre, Marcus Gilvear, Mark Inneo, Mark Kelso, Mark Scholl, Marshall V, Max Sennitt, Mike Lambert, Peter Dent, Rick Lazar, Riley O’Connor, Terry Clarke, Tony Nesbitt, Tony Rabalao, Trevor Maybee, Troy Feener.