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Flat Sticks


Beavertails are high-impact polyethylene paddles. The resiliency and flexibility of the material enable multi-stroke rebounds when played on a drum, rim, cymbal bell, or hi-hat edge. When played in the vertical plane the edge produces a louder, deeper sound. Playing in the horizontal plane produces a distinctive slapping sound.

Rap Slappers

A new take on the traditional slap stick, Rap Slappers consist of a stiff inner paddle sandwiched between two flexible flat flaps. The outer flaps are textured, and holes in the stiffer inner paddle reduce weight and increase the volume of the slap. Scratch the outer textured flaps on one Rap Slapper against the other for a ‘vinyl scratch’ sound. Create endless rhythmic ideas both on and off of your percussion set up with just the snap of the wrist.

Finger Flips

Finger Flips are comprised of three flat flexible poly slats. The slats can be spread apart or brought closer together by adjusting two O-rings. Set the outer slats wider apart for a more aggressive slap or bring them closer together for a more subtle snap. Finger Flips can also be playing vertically for a more aggressive sound.

Finger Snaps

Finger Snaps consist of three flat strong and durable polycarbonate slats. The inner slat is slightly stiffer and more stable than the outer thinner slats. Finger Snaps produce a ‘snap’ similar to finger snapping. Integrate the snap into your rhythmic ideas both on and off your percussion set up with the snap of the wrist.


Thunderclaps consist of two flexible high-impact polycarbonate outer flaps and a centre paddle of solid maple. Four holes in the paddle reduce weight and increase volume. The outer flaps slap the centre paddle to produce a loud clap. Because Thunderclaps are wider and the holes are larger than on the Drumclaps, they produce a lower pitch.


Drumclaps are comprised of two outer flexible high-impact polycarbonate slats and a central maple paddle. When the outer flexible slats slap the centre slat, they produce a loud clap. The inner paddle is fitted with 7 holes to reduce weight and to increase the volume of the clap. Drumclaps are narrower and the holes are smaller than the Thunderclaps making the pitch higher.