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Monster Hybrids

Sorghum vulgare is a variety of sorghum in the plant family Poaceae and is native to Central Africa. This hardy annual — also known as broom corn or broom straw — is a tall grass that forms broad, tasseled, fan-shaped heads that range from 16 to 20 inches. Sorghum has a variety of uses, both functional and ornamental. We use premium ‘corn’ to create some of our Monster bundles.
(This year, we grew some broom in one corner of my vegetable garden.And last month, it was harvested, hung to dry, and then brought indoors as a pretty fall arrangement.)

Soft Corn

We take a bundle of sorghum, sew it into a broad fan and add a colourful handle covering. Soft Corn are very quiet and can be used on most percussion instruments for a very soft and sensitive touch.

L: 15 in./380 mm
D: 1 inch/2.5 mm

Corn Huskers

We take a 1-inch thick bundle of sorghum and flip it 180 degrees, bind it with strong thread to form a handle, add a comfortable grip, and finish with sound shaping O-rings. The thicker, stiffer strands from the ‘stem’ on the striking end provide more cymbal attack and louder definition than the Soft Corn, which has the softer ‘flowering end’ as the striking end.
L: 15 in./380 mm
D: 1 inch/2.5 mm


Natural meets synthetics! We take 2 bundles of sorghum and nestle a poly bundle above and between them. One strand of the poly is fitted with a ½ inch nylon ball. We then stiffen the grip area and add a comfortable yellow handle. Playing the soft corn side produces tons of cymbal wash and beautiful warm tom sounds. Reverse to the poly side and the nylon bead delivers better articulation for cymbal and snare work. Laying into a snare creates a unique pop. Sporrans are getting daily use from greats like Shawn Pelton, Blair Sintra and Butch Norton.
L: 17 in./ 405 mm
D: .9 inch/2.35 mm

 Fat Bastards

To make Fat Bastards, we sew 75 small diameter bamboo dowels into a wide fan. Despite the size, they have a nice light feel, with the broad spread producing a huge fat back beat. These are a favourite of many Headhunters artists. And they are fat!






These are Dreamcatchers Wired on steroids. We start with long polyrod filaments flared outward to form a non-retractable brush. The double-slotted handle is fitted with an adjustable hoop made from 7 strands of black nylon coated braided stainless steel wire. Nightmares are playable with the hoop side down or up and produce a huge fat back beat. The loops provide clear definition on cymbals.
L: 14 in./355 mm
D: .9 inch/2.35 mm







Castaways Yellow

Castaways Yellow feature yellow plastic castanets mounted on a light-weight ball positioned near the grip area of a colourful polyrod bundle. Two of the polyrods are fitted with adjustable beads that blend with the sound of the castanets. Play the castanets positioned upwards to execute precise quarter or eighth note figures. Flipping the castanets downwards effectively doubles the speed.


 Castaways Jingles

We take our Castaways Yellow and mount a pair of tambourine jingles on top of the castanets, positioned close to the grip area to maximize playing control. Two adjustable beads on the Polyrods blend with the castanets to create a perfect mix. Play the castanets positioned upwards to execute precise quarter or eighth note figures. Flipping the castanets downwards effectively doubles the speed.