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OrB-X are percussion mallets built for drummers. Tympani mallets too often are destroyed on cymbals, and felt mallets can be hard and heavy, making it difficult to articulate intricate patterns. The Orb-X mallet head weighs less than a gram and comes in 3 diameters: 25 mm, 40 mm, and 45mm (in white or black). The smaller sizes compress more and so have a softer sound. The larger sizes compress less and have more contact sound. They all sound great on drums, cymbals, congas, and bongos. Because they are so light, drummers can play rhythmic patterns that were not practical with standard tympani mallets. These are great for Orff instruments as well.

ORB-X-25W, ORB-X-45W
ORB-X-30B, ORB-X-40B, ORB-X-45B



Cymtoms are a traditional-style felt mallet and are an excellent alternative to tapered shafted tympani mallets with. They sound great on cymbals and toms. To reduce vibrations, the shafts are hollowed out, which also lightens the sticks.


Fuzz Buster

This fuzzy mallet consists of a foam core covered with synthetic ‘lamb skin’. The shaft is semi-hollow to help lighten the mallet and to reduce unwanted vibrations. This is another excellent alternative to tapered tympani mallets, and they sound great on cymbals. Fuzz Busters are all good vibrations!