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Wire drum brushes were first invented in 1913 and remained little changed for the next 100 years … until now! With our Hybrid Brushes series of Creations, we have redesigned, redefined and revolutionized the entire concept of the wire brush. Based on our rugged Fantom brush, the tools are fitted with various rods and loops to enhance sound capabilities without affecting the normal function of the brush. Our Hybrid Creations unleash a wealth of new sounds.


Our game-changing Dreamcatchers incorporate an adjustable nylon loop mounted into the non-retractable Fantom brush. The loop length can be easily increased or decreased to modify its effect. Playing the loop directly on a cymbal will give clear articulation and, whether positioned above the wire or below, adds extra body and definition to the slap. Yes … back beat enabled!

Live the dream with Dreamcatchers!

Download The Dreamcatchers Instructions PDF.
Download Drum Brush Poster PDF.


Dreamcatchers WIRED

Dreamcatchers WIRED feature a red nylon-coated stainless steel cable inserted into our non-retractable Fantom brush. WIREDs produce a clearly audible cymbal tone and a very strong back beat. The bright red loop can be lengthened or retracted to increase or decrease its effect. Play the loop on top for a bigger slap sound or below the wires for greater articulation. The steel cable adds about 20gm to the weight, making these the heaviest of our brushes.

“We can’t say enough about the Dreamcatchers WIRED … you’ll just have to get plugged in to get unplugged with these dreamers” – Dave

Download The Dreamcatchers Instructions PDF.
Download Drum Brush Poster PDF.


Dreamcatchers REM

The REM incorporates two smaller adjustable nylon loops in our non-retractable Fantom brush, and has a response similar to the original Dreamcatchers. The loops can optionally be split — one above and one below — for a lighter and more consistent sound. The smaller diameter loops of the REM weigh in at approximately 4 grams, making the REM an easy transition from traditional brush weights.

Download The Dreamcatchers Instructions PDF.
Download Drum Brush Poster PDF.







Bullets incorporate a tapered nylon sleeve at the playing end of the brush.  This allows the player great accent control,  cymbal ping sounds, bright bell tones even some interesting cross-stick type options.  As with all our hybrid brushes, incorporating their unique features into your playing style and musical approach can open up bring new and exciting ideas to your drumming voice. 












The Cyclops incorporates a single  adjustable polycarbonate rod centred over the wire brush fan. A movable nylon bead added to the rod does the job of a drumstick tip. The bead can be positioned anywhere along the rod to tailor the sound. The central rod can also be adjusted in length and height by moving the O rings. These additions are extremely light and incredibly strong, and give very fast response and flexibility.






Saber Tooth

When you really need clear cymbal definition, the the Saber Tooth’s beaded rods have got you covered. Two rods — one nylon, one polypropylene  — are mounted either side of the brush fan, each with a nylon bead.  You can reposition the nylon beads, change the length of the rods or both to get the sound and volume you need. Play them like a regular brush or turn them sideways to emphasize the tip and rod combo

Download The Saber Tooth Instructions PDF.
Download Drum Brush Poster PDF.



The Rhino brushes combine a straight adjustable polycarbonate rod with a traditional non-retractable wire brush. The rod used in the Rhino is centred on the brush fan and is heavier and stiffer. When struck on rims or cymbals the sound of the rod is very distinct. The rod has incredible reflex and its rebound is extremely fast. Many esoteric effect sounds can be achieved by scratching the polycarbonate on the coated head.

Download Rhino Instructions PDF.
Download Drum Brush Poster PDF.


Bear Claws

The polyrods in this non-retracting brush are bent at a 90-degree angle. The inch-long ‘claws’ make for some unique sound possibilities. They increase the attack and definition on both cymbals and drums, and create cool scratch effects on coated heads. Flipping the claws over and playing on the ‘knuckle’ delivers a less exaggerated but very effective attack.




Similar to our DREAMCATCHERS, the Sandman is equipped with polypropylene filaments and are 20% larger in length and diameter. The loop compresses the poly filaments into the drum head for an awesome fat-back, and provides ‘auto-focus’ cymbal articulation. Sandman brushes can also be used on other percussion instruments such as the cajon.



Black Rhino

We start with a non-retractable brush and add a fan of polyrod filaments. A slot in the handle accommodates an adjustable, removable ¼-inch diameter poly-carbonate rod for added textures and dynamics. The rod delivers beautiful cymbals sounds; simply turning the Rhino to the side lets you do rim shots.

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