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Hybrid Sticks


Tublitz start with a 5B Hickory Classics platform. A 2″ long 3/8″ diameter polycarbonate tube is then pressure fitted over the tip area — this tube will not come off! Rubber tubing over the transition area produces a slick looking drumstick. Polycarbonate has a natural flex and enables the drum stick to bounce more quickly. The polycarbonate tube produces a naturally lower volume level and also creates a wonderful dark cymbal tone. The increased bounce makes it very easy to execute extremely fast single strokes and ultra-smooth buzz rolls.



Ninja Tips – Ninja Tip Ichi & Ninja Tip Ni

Ninja Tips are available in two models, the Ichi and the Ni. Both models are based on a nylon tip Maple Classics platform. The nylon tip is drilled through the centre and a polycarbonate rod is epoxied into place. Thin surgical tubing is added over the tip area, which can be rolled back to expose the nylon tip — by just changing the angle of attack, the player can alternate between the quiet tone of the rod and the sound of the nylon tip. The polycarbonate rod of the Ninja Tip has an extremely fast rebound and produces a very quiet and musical tone on drums and cymbals, and deliver tonal and dynamic range not available with regular sticks.

Note that Ninja Tips were designed for quiet and delicate playing. While the polycarbonate is very durable (it’s used in the manufacture of bullet-proof glass) the rod in the Ninja Tip is small, and playing with significant force may comprise its integrity. We therefore recommend Ninja Tips for players who understand that the purpose of the Ninja Tip is to facilitate a very quiet dynamic range.

The Ninja Tip Ichi is similar in weight and diameter to a to 5B drum stick.
The Ninja Tip Ni is similar in weight and diameter to a 2B drum stick.