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Tublitz are available in one model, the Tublitz is based on a 5B hickory platform. A 2” long 3/8” diameter polycarbonate tube is pressure fitted over the tip area of the 5B. The tube will not come off! Tubing is placed over the transition area that produces a slick looking drumstick. The tube has a natural flex and forces the drum stick to bounce much quicker than a regular drum stick. The tube produces a natural volume level which is less than that of a drumstick and has a wonderful dark cymbal tone. The bounce is much faster than a comparable drum stick and there is very little resistance or friction so it is very easy to execute buzz rolls and maintain a very soft a low volume dynamic.



Ninja Tips

Ninja Tip

Ninja Tips are available in two different models, the Ichi and the Ni. Both models are based on a nylon tip maple drum stick platform with a polycarbonate rod. The tip has been drilled through the centre, a small amount of epoxy is inserted into the hole and then a polycarbonate rod is pressure fitted into the centre. Thin surgical tubing is placed over the nylon tip area. The Ichi is like a 5B weight and diameter and the Ni is similar to a 2B weight and diameter.
It should be noted the Ninja Tip has been designed for very quiet and delicate playing. The polycarbonate is very resilient and has characteristics which provide an extremely fast rebound and a very quiet musical tone on cymbals. The surgical tubing can be rolled back to expose the nylon tip. By changing the angle of attack, the drummer percussionist can alternate between the sound of a normal nylon tip and the quiet tone of the rod.
The Ninja Tip is recommended for seasoned players that have reasonable level of technical skill. Polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of bullet proof glass and is very durable, however the rod in the Ninja Tip is of a small diameter and playing with extreme vigor will stress the rod and may comprise its integrity. This is why we recommend the Ninja Tip for players that have developed their technical control and understand the purpose of the Ninja Tip is to add a very quiet dynamic range extended to the tip of a regular sounding drum stick. Changing and controlling the ‘angle of attack’ will allow the drummer a wonderful dynamic not available outside of this stick design.

Ninja Tip Ichi
Ninja Tip Ni