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Let me welcome you to the new education page of the Headhunters Sticks and Creations website. My name is Lorne Matthew Nehring and I am the new Director of Education and Education Outreach at Headhunters. The hallmark of Headhunters has always been growth through innovation and our approach to music education will reflect this spirit. It is clear that the creation of music and the business that has traditionally supported this creativity have changed dramatically and music education has changed as well. It is our belief at Headhunters that innovation is the key to providing a contemporary and relevant music education resource. This will be reflected in the content of the Headhunters Education Page.

By way of an introduction I am a professional drummer and musician having begun my working career well before I finished high school. I began my music studies at McGill University in Montreal and recently earned an MA in Jazz Studies from York University. I have been fortunate to have studied with two of the great drum set teachers of their generation, Jim Blackly in Toronto and Keith Copland in New York City. I am currently a drum set instructor on the faculty of music at The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (commonly known as Humber College) in Toronto. The Humber percussion department, under the direction of department head Mark Kelso, and with fellow instructors Larnell Lewis, Paul DeLong and others is recognised as one of the leading providers of comprehensive, performance based drum set instruction and music education currently available. At the risk of boring you let me direct you to my profile page for further information.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dave Rundle and all the folks at Headhunters for this unique opportunity to promote music education and add our voice to the ever growing world of web-based music and drum set education. It is not our intention to try and change the world on this page but rather to make our corner of the drumming universe a bit better for our efforts.


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