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Hybrid Bundles

Crossovers and Crossovers II

Crossovers combine the concept of bundled rods with that of a regular drum stick. After lathing the unique shaped shaft of the Crossovers, a hole is drilled down to a bulb area. Materials such as poly or bamboo rods are inserted into the hole and the stick is finished with our user friendly ‘Grip Control’ featuring our double textured ‘X’ pattern feel.
The major features present in all of the Crossovers are as follows; they respond and play very fast, the bulb area is a solid bead. It can be played on the bell of a cymbal like a regular drumstick, this stick design can also be used to execute rim shots and cross sticking with the sound expectations of a regular drumstick. Because we have combined rods with a solid stick shaft design, a drummer will notice the dynamic range possible with this sticks is very useful if and when the intensity and volume of the music increases during a tune.

Crossovers are available is two diameter sizes; Crossovers, a maple platform and Crossovers II available in hickory and two maple platforms.

Crossovers Bamboo – Features a bamboo insert.
Crossovers Poly – Feature a poly insert.
Crossovers II
Crossovers II use the same designs are the regular Crossovers but the diameter size has been reduced to that of a 5B.
Crossovers II – Bamboo – Use a hickory drumstick and larger semi round bamboo with the outer skin intact.
Crossovers II – Bamboo Light – Use a maple drumstick and lighter smaller flat bamboo with the outer skin intact.
Crossovers II – Poly – Use a maple drumstick and poly rods
Crossovers II – Poly Bead – Nylon beads are added to the Crossovers II Poly

Crossovers Jingles

These gems are the Crossovers Poly with an added jingle. Jingles on sticks are not new but we found a drum sticks response is deadened and the jingle sound is overwhelmed by it hosts natural output. With our Crossovers design, we can place the jingle at the solid wood ‘bulb’ area of the Crossovers Poly design. This places it where the maximum movement will ensure good motion and jingle activation. The softer sounding poly material allows the jingles to be clearly audible. We integrate small nylon balls in the poly material; they are adjustable in position and allow for optimum drum, cymbal and jingle voicing. Because the short poly length also enhances the response performance of the Crossovers design, jingle articulation is superb.

Cattails are polypropylene rods mounted on a rigid wood handle. There are 3 strategically placed ½” polyethylene solid balls that can be repositioned on the poly rod or allowed to ‘roam’ freely. We position these at 3 different heights and around the diameter of the circumference. This ensures the solid balls will always be hit no matter how the stick is held. There is an ‘O’ Ring in front of and behind each individual ball which allows each ball to be repositioned to a new altitude on its host rod. These are a must have for every stick bag.
Cattails- Mini
Cattails mini are the same as the original Cattails but have 3/8” polyethylene solid balls. These produce a more subtle attack as compare to the originals.

Cube-X and Colliders

Cube-X are built on the Doobies platform of a double cut centre dowel. The big difference; the exterior 4 slatted bamboo surround the double split centre core. These are very tough. By leaving the outer skin on the bamboo, it has increased the strength and density. Where other bundled concepts may fail heavy hitters, these rugged sticks can take a beating! Although these are more dense and heavier, they are still quiet and may a great specialty stick.
Colliders consist of 4 bamboo centre rods surrounded by 4 slatted bamboo Reefers. They are not banded. The 3 O rings can be adjusted right back to the grip area allowing the slats and rods to interplay and ‘smash’ into each other………….hence the name ‘Collider’ aptly describes the intended sound scape of these excellent specialty stick.


Tough Guys
Tough Guys are made from premium bamboo slats, by stacking the slats we build in the bounce.
Observe the end view; by insetting each row of the centre bamboo slats a very small amount allows the outers slats a lively bounce. Plus these premium bamboo slats are tough. They are slightly louder than standard bundles but the construction and material results in a very robust design.


High-Sticking RE4

High -Sticking RE4 consists of 4 high impact white polyethylene slats, in each corner a polypropylene rod all surrounding a centre cut birch dowel which has been cut down to the ‘sweet spot’ allowing the centre rod to compress and open provide the RE4 with a subtle bounce when needed. 

When you look and feel this good…………it is hip to be square!












Sputniks are part flat stick, part square, part bundled rod. Each corner is fitted with a 1/8″ black polypropylene rod. Each rod has an adjustable ½ nylon bead. There are 3 ‘O’ rings. The inner ‘O’ Ring can be used to pull the white slats tightly together and the outer ‘O’ rings are used to pull in the black rods. The slats are bendable, so they can be manipulated to produce different sounds and bounce. By adjusting the ‘O’ rings forward or backwards, it is possible to produce a very tight bundled rod sound or a very loose attack sound like multiple drummers playing slightly out of sync.