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Bing Bongs

Bing Bongs use the popular Doobies and Blunt double cut centre dowel concept.  The Bing Bongs are white and black alternating polypropylene strands surrounding a 7/16 inch centre dowel.  The centre dowel is a premium birch, it is double cut down to the ‘sweet spot’.  This concept allows the end to compress and open as it is played.  At low volumes this dramatically increases its rebound making buzz rolls and double strokes rolls a reality.   The Polypropylene reduces the overall weight on this model as compared to some other in the Performance Bundles category.

Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.


The concept of bundled rods are not new, many have copied the original design of the 19 dowels that form a hexagonal shape. Construction methods may vary, however, good response and bounce seem to be missing in their attempts to recreate this particular mouse trap. In order to achieve a bundled rod sound and create a drumstick like bounce, we have inserted an internal dowel. This format allows the stick to be round in diameter. In the gripping area we have glued the dowels together; this stiffens the sticks and aids in the bounce response. We also split the centre dowel so that the interplay between the dowels is further enriched. By splitting the centre dowel to about the 40mm mark from the playing end, allows the centre dowel in the split zone to compress and spring back. The resulting design creates the sound expectations of the bundled rod concept but with significantly more rebound and with the feel and response of a solid drumstick. In the image we presented here, you can see the internal slots tight together, this is how they are compressed or when the drum or cymbal is struck, the wood the expands back to the open position immediately after. This compression and expansion characteristic improves the bounce greatly. You would not believe the difference until you try!!! These are a smokin’ good stick!   Doobies incorporate the same concept as Spliffs but utilizing 12 birch external rods and a 3/8 internal rod with a double split at the playing end.  Doobies are bigger than Spliffs!

Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.



Spliffs incorporate the same concept as doobies utilizing 11 bamboo external rods and a 5/16 internal rod with one split at the playing end. While explaining the construction method, I inadvertently said, ‘we spliff the centre’ rather the than ‘split’, the name stuck!

Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.



Reefers have a total of 7 dowels, the outer 6 dowels are birch and the centre rod is synthetic. Rather than band these together near the playing end, each stick has 3 ‘O’ Rings that can be adjusted to create your own sound spectrums. The synthetic core adds a little more strength to the overall integrity… hence the name ‘Reefers’


Rodeo Riders

Rodeo Riders are Glenn Milchem’s signature bundled rods.   These consist of 7 larger bamboo dowels banded and bundled.