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Bundles – Performance


While construction methods of bundles have varied over the years, articulation, response and bounce seemed to always be missing from the original 19-dowel design. To create a drumstick-like bounce, we insert a central wooden dowel, which is split in an X pattern that runs from the tip to a depth of 40mm, and wrap it with 12 birch rods. We then stiffen the grip area to increase bounce further. Splitting allows the central dowel to compress and spring back in the split zone. The dowel also results in a stick that is round. These are a smokin’ good stick! 

Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.



Spliffs incorporate the same concept as Doobies, combining 11 bamboo external rods with a 5/16″ internal wooden rod with a single split at the playing end. “While explaining the construction method, I inadvertently said, ‘We spliffs the centre’ rather the than ‘split.’ The name stuck!” – Dave

Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.


Bing Bongs

Bing Bongs feature yellow and black alternating polypropylene strands surrounding a 7/16 inch premium birch centre dowel. The dowel is double cut down to the ‘sweet spot’ to allow the end to compress and release as it is played. At low volumes this dramatically increases rebound and makes buzz rolls and double-stroke rolls a reality. The sound texture can be tailored by sliding the included O-ring and compression sleeve. Polypropylene grips help reduce the overall weight.





Download Doobies an Spliffs Features and Functionality Sheet PDF.


Reefers have a total of 7 dowels. The outer 6 dowels are birch whereas the centre rod is synthetic. Rather than band these together near the playing end, each stick has 3 O-Rings that can be adjusted to create your own sound spectrum. The synthetic core adds a little more strength to the overall integrity, hence the name ‘Reefers’


Rodeo Riders

Rodeo Riders are signature bundled rods created for Glenn Milchem of Blue Rodeo. Seven larger bamboo dowels are bundled and banded together with an O-ring and rubber compression sleeve, which can be used to tailor both sound and rebound. The grip area is wrapped in our rugged X-pattern Grip for durability.