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Monster Hybrids

Soft Corn

Are comprised of sorghum, corn broom material bundled into 4 individual bundles which are then grouped to one larger.  The Soft Corn are very quiet and can be used on most percussion instruments for a very sensitive soft touch.









Are similar to the Soft Corn but have 2 bundles of sorghum with a poly bundle nestled between the two.  One strand of the poly is fitted with a ½ inch nylon ball.  This will produce more attack and allows the more definition during cymbal work.  Playing the soft side produces and solid back beat and reversing to the poly bundle down will provide even more attack and definition.  Playing this configuration poly side down is then easily muted by the soft material producing a very distinct pop sound.








Super Cubes

Are comprised of mini slats of bamboo.   The mini slats are bundled in groups of 5.  There are 7 groups of these five bundles.  By alternating the directions, a cube is formed.  The outer slats of the cube are separated from the inner core by an O ring.  The O ring flares the outer slats outward from the core cube, this concept adds a lively bounce.   When you call for a big fat back beat, the Super Cube delivers.









Fat Bastards

Are small diameter bamboo dowels bundled into 5 groups of 15.   The O rings are positioned to form 5 finger-like splays of bamboo dowels.  These have a nice light feel, the spread and span of the ‘finger’ positions produce a huge fat back beat.  These are a favourite of many Headhunters’ Artists. 










These are Dreamcatchers Wired morphed.   They are comprised of polyrod filaments flared outward similar to a non-retractable wire filament brush.  They are 14 inches long, the handle is double slotted and to accommodate an adjustable hoop.  The hoop is made from 7 strands stainless steel braided wire, coated in black nylon.  They produce a huge fat back beat and have a clear definition on cymbals.  They are playable with the hoop side down or up.









Hipsquares Cajon
These are louder than Hipsquares.  Percussionists looking for a more organic implement to use in their cajon set up will enjoy the Hipsquares Cajon model.    These are bamboo mini slats bundled in smaller groups consisting of 5 slats then bundled into,  4 groups of these 5.   An additional 12 slats are added around this central core, which  are separted by an adjustable O ring.   By sliding this O ring up or down the centre core, the outer slats can splay outward from the core.  This produces a bounce and reduces volume.  This larger Hipsquare has more mass and therefore bring out the bottom end.  The butt end has a mallet head, this end can be used on the cajon as well.   This model is 15 inches long so it can also be used on a drum set, making this a versatile model and not instrument specific.
It’s hip to be square…………fun too!