Ajae Crawford

Ajae Crawford

Another enthusiastic young drummer whose natural drumming talent is only limited by the musical exposure that come his way.  Sometimes growing that talent comes with time, practice and dedication to the craft, sometimes it rockets in undefinable ways to weave through the complexities of the instrument without a second thought or hesitation.   

Aaron Spink: “Ajae has shown a natural gift, and an affinity to drumming and a willingness to learn.   I am very pleased to suggest Ajae become a Headhunters’ ‘Next up’ player.”

Aaron Spink: “Ajae’s future is bright both as an artist and as a professional. I believe he can master and accomplish anything he sets out to do.”

We are pleased to initiate Aaron’s suggestion.  Aaron is a great supporter and educator of the drumming arts and can clearly see the natural talent and ability in his special student, we concur.


      Welcome to the Next page.  As most would agree Social Media and YouTube has led the music industry down a new path of discovery.   Younger drummers and savvy entrepreneur musicians have embraced this new medium to expand and showcase their talents.  ‘Like’ it or not this medium is here and will forever change how we discover and view new music options.   Many drummers have huge YouTube followers.  Some are teachers and advanced players; others are still exploring, developing their drum-set talents and discovering their own unique sound.    This method of presenting oneself using these new mediums has forced many companies to rethink how they select Artists and accept Endorser profiles into their fold.   I believe the drummers deeply involved in this new medium warrant a special recognition and as such we at Headhunters have decided to create the ‘NEXT’ page to celebrate their enthusiasm.