Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore is a touring/recording drummer from Waterloo, Ontario, currently based in Toronto. After many years of study with Humber College professor Roger Flock, Shawn has since gone on to tour with a wide variety of acts before finding his home in Country Music. Throughout the years, he has had the opportunity to perform/record with:

Ryan Laird, Mike Trudell, Ty Baynton, Kansas Stone, Kristen Hawley, Jesse Slack, Dan Brodbeck, and many others.

 Equally comfortable behind the drum kit or cajon, Shawn is capable of backing a wide variety of shows for any crowd on any occasion. He currently tours extensively throughout the Canada and is now setting his sites on performing south of the border. 

Hickory Classic 5AS, Reefers

 Influences:   Dave Weckl, Todd Suchermann, Buddy Rich, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Tony Royster Jr.