Sam Cino

Beatbox, Drum Kit, Electronics, Harmonica, Percussion, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Melodica, Looping, Live P.A., DJ, Programing, Freestyle, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals, Teacher, Producer, Composer keep Sam active in the music community.

Sam has studied music at Humber College and with many private teachers such as: Nick Macerollo, Pete Magadini, Jim Blackley, Roger Flock, Don Vickery, Paul DeLong, Rick Gratton, Memo Acevedo and Ted Warren.

He has been involved in many recording projects and performing ensembles over the past 30 years including: Adams Rib, A Single Voice, Back Drop Theroy, Robin Benedict, Big Smoke, Black Cabbage. Brothers Inc, Ken Brown, B.T.K, C2 Entertainment, Sam Cino Trio, Cardiac Arrest, Chipotle, Collateral Dammage, Eccodeck, Fiddlestixs, Grier Copins and Taxi Chain, The Hodads, House of Velvet, Shane Phillips, Brent Rowan Trio, King Cobb Steelie, Kinnie Star, The Kramdens, Teresa Levasseur, Dutch Mason, Brenda McMorrow, Andrew McPherson, Lewis Melville, Microbunny, The Nationals, Nice House, Passanger, Parker Thomas Jazz, Peeler, Aaron Riches, Oliver Schroer, Tanis Slimmon, Aaron Solomon, Sexual Chocolate, Spank, Superex, Jude Vedela, Leisa Way and the Wayward Wind and The Woodchoppers.

He has music in television and film including: Mike Bullard, CBC, City TV, Fashion Television, Much Music and Musicplus.

He has toured Canada, USA and Europe playing original music.

He has also worked with some of the top modern dance companies as an accompanist (where he plays drums, harmonica and piano at the same time) including Toronto Dance Theatre, Guelph Youth Dance, Ballet Jorgen, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre David Earl.

Sam has his own recording/teaching studio where he writes original reggae, hip-hop, electronica and dance music.

Lately he has been playing in a duo with Rob Elliot playing what has been described as “Space Rock”.

He lives in Guelph, Ontario with his Wife and Daughter, Alisha and Kyah and their two cats Feta and Scratchy.