Marcus Cesar

Marcus Cesar, musician, percussionist, drummer, music producer, documentarist, filmmaker, music therapist, teacher, graduated from the University of Music of São Paulo, Professor of Music For Children, ethnic music from various countries and cultures.

Marcus has performed with many artists in shows and concerts held all throughout Brazil and in over 40 diferent countries.

Musical endeavours include:

Recorded percussion for the FIFA 2014 BRAZIL WORLD CUP on the soundtrack that played for the opening and closing cerimnony.

Japan 2015: Lee Ritenour & Frends; Lee Ritenour, guitar; Nathan East, bass; Ivan Lins, piano & voice; Jonh Beasley, piano; Wes Ritenour, drums; Marcus Cesar, percussion.

Commercial for the Olympics “Rio 2016”  Brazil.

League of Legends 2014 (Maracanâ Stadiun) / 2016 Opening final in Brazil.

Project “ As Margens Dos Mares “ Music Director, Lee Ritenuer,

Artists : Ivan Lins , Cèu , Paulinho Da Costa , Sara Tavares (Portugal ) Ana Bacalhau (Portugal) , Manecas Costa (Guine-Bissau), Mayra Andrade (Cabo Verde), Stewart Sukuma (Moçambique) no Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil 05/2015.

Madison Square Garden (New York – USA) in 2001″ one of the First Brazilians to perform on this stage,

ROCK IN’ RIO 3 on the Main Stage and several music festivals around the world.

He has worked with great artists of the Brazilian and World Music scene, such as Ivan Lins , Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Seu Jorge, Laura Pausini, Danilo Caymmi, Roberto Menescal, Leonardo, John Bosco, Banda Black Rio, Eduardo Costa, Zeze di Camargo & Luciano, Fabio Junior, Ivete Sangalo, Daniel, So Pra Contrariar, Alexandre Pires, Morris Albert, Pedro Mariano, Lulu Santos, Carlinhos Brown, Roberto Carlos, Sandy & Junior, Fafa de Belem, Alcyone, Emicida, Pericles, Carlos Dafe,  Roberta Miranda ,Paula Lima, Fernada Abreu, Toni Garido, Zeze Mota, Fabiana Cozza, Wilson das Neves, Sandra de Sa, Simoninha, Diogo Nogueira, among dozens of others.

International Artists: Jimmy Bo Horne, Laura Pausini, American singer and songwriter Nyree, Bradiggan of Dispatch (Colorado, USA), the Uruguayan singer Juan Duran, singer Omar Faruk Arabic, Eleanor Dubinsky (New York), Eliane Amherd (new york / Swiss) Johanna Särkkälä ( Finland)

Served: TV GLOBO NETWORK On Faustão Domingão for 2 years Live every Sunday in the 2011/2012 period

 And in 2013 (the largest in Brazil with 40 million people watching live Sunday) participation in some of the Globo TV soap Operas

TV show 1500 (live) of the Fantastico (Globo)

TV show “FAMA” (Globo)

TV Show Domingão Faustão (Globo)

Festival of Brazilian Music (2001) Rede Globo.

Participates or participated in the Bands: SAGA Orchestra, Band Swing Club, Banda Black Rio, Orchestra of the Globo Television Network (Festival of Brazilian Music) in 2001, Atrium Jazz Band Orchestra, Ballet Folklorico of São Paulo, United Arab Traditions Group .

With participation in approximately 4000 CDs, 50 DVD’s, hundreds of commercial recordings for television trail Movies, Videos and Documentaries.

Recordings: Alexandre Pires, Caetano Veloso, Seu Jorge, band Angra, Daniel, Father Fabio de Mello, Padre Reginaldo Manzotti, Trio Parada Dura, Leonardo, Gilberto Gil, Before The Throne, Aviões do Forró, Diogo Nogueira, Aline Calixto, Fábio Jr., band Almah, Banda Dr. Sin, Fabiana Cozza, Wilson Das Neves, Maestro Paulo Moura, Miele, Bebel Gilberto, Pedro Mariano, Max de Castro, Fafa de Belem, Renato Teixeira, Elza Soares, Vania Bastos, Dominguinhos, Oswaldinho the accordion, hundreds of other equity.

Recording of “DVDs”: Daniel 30 years Orquestra , So Pra Contrariar Acoustic 2001 ( platinun Disc )  So Pra Contrariar 20 Years, DVD & Cabaret Leonardo Eduardo Costa 2014 , (platinun disc ) DVD Cabaret ll , 2016 , DVD Legends Milionario end Marciano ( Platinun Disc ) 2015 ,  Label Comep 50, Facing Child Seat “David,” Leonardo 30 years,  (platinun Disc ) Amado Batista 40 years , Léo Magalhães 10 years, Zeze di Camargo and Luciano “Flowers in Life,” Dr. Banda Sin 10 years, among many others.


Advertising Movies: (Business) with approximately 150 pieces linked in the Brazilian and Cinemas TV.Documentary “Infinite Hermeto” (Hermeto Pascoal ) (Winner of the Gramado Film Festival in 2002) (co-production audio and video)

Marcus was indicated by several studies to Latin Grammy.

Conductors, arrangers and producers working (or): Lee Ritenuer , Otavio de Moraes, Luiz Carlos Maluly, Cesar Algusto, Guto Graça Mello, Bozo Barrett, Richard the Lion, Marco Pontes (Bin), Eduardo Lages, Maestro Martinez, Maestro Proveta , Dino Barioni , Jacques Morelembau, Wagner Tiso, Gilson Peranzetta, Jotinha, Ruy Quaresma , Alceu Maia, Julinho Teixeira, Jaime Alem, Vitché Salvia, Mario Boffa, Luiz Avellar, Denis Ward ( – USA), Lino Simon, Michel Skava, Oswaldo Sperandio Arnold Sacomani, among many others.

He taught at the SCS Arts Foundation, popular percussion course, 1999

SESC Vila Mariana in 2012,

Institution for children in the city of Praia (capital of Cape Verde, Africa)

Shelter for Minors Taiguara 2013

Professor at the Summer School of the Brazilian National Percussion Rudimentary

Professor , Therapist , in Music Therapy Course in Project “Music in the Golden Age” Ans. Culture Sao Caetano Do Sul.