Josh Gray

Josh started playing drums like most at an early age, beating pots and pans. Around the age of 12 he started working on rudiments and patterns. Then at 16 received his first drum kit. “Here I am at 45 still playing but the wooden spoons have been traded in for the best sticks around,  Headhunters” – Josh

Some of his early influences we guys like Nicko McBrian, Tommy Lee, Jimmy D’Anda, Jimmy Degrasso, Terry Bozzio, Bonzo, Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker and more.   As I’ve grown more advanced in my tastes in music and my desire for the never ending groove, I’ve discovered the great Billy Ward, Harvey Mason, David Garibaldi, and so many more, and many of their influences Buddy, Gene, Philly, Chick….

I play predominately Pearl drums, Murat Diril cymbals, and HEADHUNTERS!!!”