Jorge Mata

Born in San José, from the age of 9 years he was able to perform the Drums in a surprising way. Starts in this year under the tutelage of the master Nelson Alfaro, successfully completing the necessary training so his interpretation becomes surprisingly good, even more for someone of his age. Throughout his life he has enjoyed the tutelage of great masters, such as Gary Fernandez, Jorge Villalobos, Felipe Gutierrez, and Dennis Muñoz, with whom he shared more than just musically experiences, also has been able to share life lessons. As his life went, so his way of performance. Throughout this musical journey from 9 years to the current 25 (to date) Jorge has been part of music ministries, in which always has performed flawlessly, and always providing security to their peers on stage. Currently part of the band “Pili & Delaflote” with which in October 2008 presented its first album material, called “La Linea.”, and now parte of the second Material (still in progress). He was also a media launch in musical productions such as “De Vuelta a Casa” artis Jonathan Alvarez, and “Megapositivo” with José Cañas. It is also part of the worship team of Intimidad con DIos Costa Rica, where every week he delivers his gift and its ability to service not only of his Creator, but also to the entire community. Pili Munoz, Pili & Delaflote: “We had the pleasure of having Jorge Mata as part of our band since our inception. Besides being a promising drummer has an incredible creative talent at musical composition. He has accompanied many big shows as “Canciones por la Vida”, Teleton 2009, launched “La Linea” (P & D SJ Costa Rica). He has also participated in music sessions and interviews to international inspirational channels repeatedly with Pili & Delaflote. As part of our band he participated in our second single and video “Flotar en el Aire”. As friends and musical partners in this venture and wish you the best of success! “