Fabio Esposito

Drummer and percussionist Italian born in Naples in 1991.  Currently is registered in the third year of the Conservatory jazz class “San Pietro A Majella” of Naples and carries out studies simultaneously with M.Maurizio Of Lazzaretti.  In 2012 his studies led to the Sienese seminars with jazz music Masters of international fame including Eric Harland, Massimo Manzi, Ettore Fioravanti and Ferenc Nemeth. His has played with many great professionals, including; Marco Zurzolo, Antonio Onorato, Antonio Murro, Alessandro Tumolillo, Fabrizio Soprano, Pasquale Campo, Antonio Graziano, Enzo Petrone and Ibrahim Drabo. 


Nel 2017 he started working with the M.Enzo Petrone, known bassist of rock and author of great success among various Italian groups With Master music takes part in so many musical events held in the Naples area in the various clubs and theaters, including a gig as a drummer in the Rollings Stones Tribute band. Fabio enjoys teaching through various associations and music academies in the Naples area.