Daniel Roman

 Daniel was born in San José, Costa Rica. Since he was 9 years old, his parents discovered he had skills to play drums. Since then, he learned empirically the art of music by playing drums.
 As a child who diligently put all his effort in his practicing, he, little by little, started to become a drummer and to have experiences which made him grow as a musician: large events and roles in church bands.
 After some years of learning, he became more well-known among different churches in San Jose and its surroundings. At the age of 16, he had already played in different churches such as City of God (Ciudad de Dios in Spanish) and its headquarters, Vida Abundante church, Pasión por las almas church, and others churches known in the Costa Rican Christian society.
 At the age of 17, he participated in the secular sphere with Samuel Aspee (an Argentinian songwriter who has two productions already). He toured in Costa Rica visiting known places such as Jazz Café, and others.
 When Daniel worked with Samuel Aspee, he had the opportunity of going on tour twice in Costa Rica (2010-2013), which gave him more musical and personal experience.
 In 2013, he became part of psalmist Daniel Piedra Soto’s band. They successfully recorded their first DVD live in the National Auditorium of the Children’s Museum.
 A week later, he went on tour to Mexico with the band, visiting places such as Distrito Federal, Cuernavaca, Cuautla, etc., sharing their music and promoting the band.