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Flat Sticks


Sawtooth are comprised of a high impact flexible polyethylene material. There are several zones that can produce different effects. The serrated edge can be used to simulate a guiro, the designated flat area can be used to create an effective ‘cross stick’ sound. The nylon beads can accentuate the cymbal and drums sounds in several ways. When played in the vertical plane the nylon beads produce a louder deeper sound as compared when played in the horizontal plane, produce a thinner sound. The resiliency and flexible polyethylene allows multi-stroke rebounds (cheater strokes) when played off edge of drum the rim, cymbal bell or hi-hat edge.









Beavertails are simpler version of the Sawtooth. The resilient and flexible polyethylene can produce a loud slap sound and multiple rebounds like the Sawtooth.








Rap Slappers

Rap Slappers
Rap Slappers are comprised to 3 flexible flat flaps. The out flaps are more flexible and lighter in weight. The outer flaps are textured. The inner is slightly stiffer and more stable. The inner flap is fitted with holes to reduce weight and increase the volume of the ‘slap’. The outer more flexible flaps on either side of the stiffer centre flap can slap the centre flap to create an endless dynamic of rhythmic ideas off and on your percussion set up with the snap of wrist. A ‘vinyl scratch sound’ can be achieved by scratching the outer textured flaps on one Rap Slapper against the other. Laying them against a drum while executing the scratch motion will amplify the ‘scratch’ sound.








Finger Flips

Finger Flips
Finger Flips are comprised of 3 flexible flat flaps. The flaps can be spread apart or brought together. The O rings on the outer flaps can be used to force the fingers apart. When played in the horizontal plane on any drum or cymbal the flaps fingers produce a subtle snap. To produce a more aggressive sound, the Finger Flips can be spread or fanned apart and then played in the vertical plane.









Finger Snaps

Finger Snaps are like the Rap Slappers as they are comprised to 3 flexible flat flaps.   The flaps are a polycarbonate material; very strong and durable.  The inner flap is slightly stiffer and more stable. The outer flaps are thinner and more flexible flaps; when activated can easily ‘snap’ against the central stiffer flap to create subtle finger snapping sounds.  Integrated the snap into your rhythmic ideas both on and off your percussion set up with the snap of wrist.